• Exit Signs

    Exit Signs (1)

    Emergency exit lighting range that is designed to activate automatically when a power outage creates low-visibility conditions in a workplace to guide people to safety using bright highly visible LED lights.
  • Spotlights

    Spotlights (24)

    Recessed spotlights are a versatile and functional solution for general or accent lighting. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and brightness options - they add a modern and elegant touch to any interior décor, without taking up too much space.
  • Surface Luminaires

    Surface Luminaires (5)

    Versatile and powerful surface luminaires that are designed to provide uniform illumination that is suitable for indoor applications. This range is designed in various shapes and sizes to blend into any atmosphere seamlessly.
  • Projectors & Track Lights

    Projectors & Track Lights (18)

    Projectors combine the quality performance of light and positioning flexibility for accent lighting, offering precision; uniformity; and directionality. Dependable lighting solutions that are perfect for high ceiling spaces from retail stores to shopping malls. Every product in this range has an architecturally smart and robust design that seamlessly blends in with any surrounding.
  • Industrial Luminaires

    Industrial Luminaires (5)

    Perfect for industrial areas and warehouses with high ceilings. They are firm, durable and both energy saving and cost efficient. They could be installed and maintained with ease, offering a superb lighting quality.
  • Lighting Panels

    Lighting Panels (5)

    Lighting panels offer homogeneous illumination for high visual comfort and luminous efficiency. Ideal for general lighting applications such as workplaces, healthcare and educational facilities. They deliver flawless illumination from within a range of different surfaces and architectural recesses.
  • Linear Systems

    Linear Systems (7)

    Linear systems capture a timeless sense of modernity with their simple, minimalist design. Highly flexible, they allow for almost limitless customization. Available in a variety of mounting options, lending themselves perfectly to any setting and configuration.
  • LED Strip

    LED Strip (1)

    LED strips come with a linear design, covered with silicone, making them the perfect outlet for the diffused light effect. They are energy-saving and environmentally-friendly, with customizable lengths while still offering a high brightness level.
  • Downlights

    Downlights (4)

    Downlights with practical functional designs that offer uniform lighting distribution, ideal for general applications. The fixtures in this range are a versatile solution fitting excellently for a multitude of uses.
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