• Ceiling Mounted Luminaire

    Ceiling Mounted Luminaire (3)

    These Surface-Mounted Downlights with their uniquely slim design could be featured easily into your interior design and chosen décor, giving you the yearned-for supreme, accent lighting performance.
  • Indoor Projectors

    Indoor Projectors (11)

    Perfect for high ceiling spaces of business, like shopping malls, retails stores & trade markets. These dependable lighting solutions offer the kind of quality lighting that’s durably high. They come with an architecturally smart, clean, and robust design and are available with a beam angle with ranges from 6-50-degree angles.
  • Industrial Luminaires

    Industrial Luminaires (5)

    Perfect for industrial areas and warehouses with high ceilings. They are firm, durable and both energy saving and cost efficient. They could be installed and maintained with ease, offering a superb lighting quality.
  • LED Luminaires 60x60

    LED Luminaires 60x60 (4)

    Durable, efficient lighting, and it’s easy on the eyes! They feature a glare-free effect, which makes them perfect for offices and coworking spaces, and the installation is a no-brainer! Available in a seamless, flat frame design that ensures no light leakage and a top-notch performance that lasts and lasts.
  • LED Profiles

    LED Profiles (5)

    LED Profiles, with their versatility, compatibility and intelligence, blend seamlessly into any room’s design and bathe it with natural-seeming brightness thanks to its low-glare, LED uniform lighting. They’re also easily designed-in and installed into any space. All of this and more are the reason for them becoming designers’ number one go-to for innovative lighting fixtures. Available in widths ranging from…
  • LED Strip

    LED Strip (1)

    They come with a linear design, covered with silicone, making it the perfect outlet for the diffused light effect. They are energy-saving and environmental-friendly. They also can be cut, with a promise of offering a high brightness level.
  • Recessed Downlights

    Recessed Downlights (7)

    The most essential and ideal lighting solution that adds extra space to low-ceilinged rooms and confined spaces. They are also the definition of easy-going, meaning that they could be installed with ease, fit all types of ceilings, could cover multiple spaces and cover more ground and offer a much longer lifetime and energy-saving prowess than its counterparts. Works perfectly with…
  • Recessed Rectangle Down-lights (S/D/T)

    Recessed Rectangle Down-lights (S/D/T) (6)

    Armed with not one or two, but THREE LED modules, they provide a lighting performance that’s hard to match with quality and utmost efficiency. It fits a spectrum of architectural designs and is super easy to install.
  • Recessed Spotlights Eclat

    Recessed Spotlights Eclat (2)

    Simply, the BEST! Eclat is here to provide spot lighting of the highest possible quality to those who uncompromisingly search for excellence. Available in a deep, recessed design and black reflectors.
  • Recessed Spotlights Mellow

    Recessed Spotlights Mellow (14)

    Looking to install a spot lighting solution that offers accent lights? Then, choose our Mellow. With its high durability and discreet brightness, it really is the perfect fit for you.
  • Recessed Spotlights Ritzy

    Recessed Spotlights Ritzy (2)

    This spot solution offers sustainable and high-quality low glare lighting, focused on what matters the most to you. Comes with a variety of reflector and diffuser options for you for absolute freedom of choice.
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