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Galala Project Linear Atrium
Galala Project Linear Atrium
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Manufacturer of high quality indoor & outdoor lighting features

For hotels, banks, malls, ofiices and more

Highest Quality Components

Highest quality components

Tridonic, TCI, OSRAM, latest LED components available in the market

Liteway laboratory

Tested in our local and international laboratories

Quality control, ISO 17025:2017

Liteway supplied in projects under the following consultants

Liteway supplied in projects approved by the following consultants

Shaker Consultant, ECG, Dar El-Handasa and more

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About US

Is to be the provider of choice for high end comprehensive lighting & electrically engineered solutions.
To live our mission, we work on continuously innovate and develop high-end electrically engineered lighting solutions, focusing on maximizing added value for our customers, through a mix of exceptional quality of locally and foreign produced components designed and engineered by highly qualified and continuously developed talents.


Our structured approach to our portfolio and solutions strategy is based on 2 key pillars:
First, is our technical knowledge and ever-exposed teams to the global trends and innovations, in led sources, drivers, lenses and reflectors. This allows us to offer uniquely differentiated and proven solutions to support the designers’ imagination, and realizing their custom made designs, without sacrificing the fashion element.
The second pillar is our in-house lighting designers who collaborate with architects, by truly understanding their projects and their needs for both fashionable, aesthetic solutions as well as optimum lighting performance. They handover essentials to the R&D teams to select the appropriate solutions to build the new fixture.
We have a high level of flexibility to achieve our customers and designers needs. It includes special CRI requirements for different end user merchandises appearance as well as all dimming alternatives including latest technology in IOT and wireless dimming.
With a strict Quality control protocol under our ISO9001:2015 certification, we depend only on world leaders for our components (LED sources, drivers, reflectors and lenses). In addition to third party certificates from our suppliers to all our purchases, tests are redone in our Lighting laboratory to ensure the long life of our fixtures. Continuous quality checks are maintained during all processes on the production line till final step where on/off test for 100% of our production is done and random samples are taken to verify lumen output as well as all photometric data through an LM79 test performed in our Lighting Laboratory.
A 3 to 5 years warranty is issued on all our product range based on our great confidence in our design, components quality as well as our ongoing quality control on our processes.



Replacing traditional Light with LED saving running cost for different Application.

Lighting design support

from 2D lighting calculation using DIALUX evo to 3D rendering using 3Dmax and DIALUX evo.

Customizing Technical Products

Adjusting our standard products to suit special installations


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We cover the full range of lighting for all applications.

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Working hours

Sunday - Thursday
8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

We are here

Phone: 02-44814236 / 02-44814506
Mob: 01277022291 / 01286601601
Address: 1b Block 13025
Industrial zone A, Obour City-Egypt

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