At Liteway, we firmly believe that sustainability is not merely a passing trend, but a fundamental responsibility shared by all businesses. Accordingly, we have diligently integrated sustainable practices into every facet of our operations, ranging from design and production to the environmentally conscious disposal of our products. By selecting Liteway’s offerings, you can rest assured that your choice not only enhances your surroundings but also contributes positively to the well-being of our planet.


We are committed to utilizing recyclable components throughout our manufacturing process. Consequently, when our luminaires reach the end of their life cycle, they can be disassembled, enabling the materials to be repurposed or reused effectively.

Energy Efficiency

Our luminaires are meticulously designed to optimize electricity consumption through the utilization of cutting-edge LED technology. This approach empowers our customers to minimize their carbon footprint and realize substantial energy cost savings. Moreover, the prolonged lifespan of LED lighting reduces the frequency of replacement, further enhancing energy conservation efforts.

Employment of All-Electric Machinery

By exclusively relying on all-electric machinery in both our production and assembly lines, we have successfully eradicated the need for fossil fuels and significantly curtailed carbon emissions. This conscientious choice aligns with our unwavering commitment to sustainable practices and underscores our dedication to environmental preservation.

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