Recessed spotlights are a versatile and functional solution for general or accent lighting. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and brightness options – they add a modern and elegant touch to any interior décor, without taking up too much space.

  • Recessed Rectangular spotlights (S/D/T)

    Recessed Rectangular spotlights (S/D/T) (6)

    Rectangular spotlights are armed with three LED modules, guaranteeing high lighting performance with great quality and the utmost efficiency. Being easy to install, this range fits a spectrum of architectural designs.
  • Recessed Spotlights Eclat

    Recessed Spotlights Eclat (2)

    The Éclat range of spotlights provides the highest possible quality to those who uncompromisingly search for excellence. Available in deep recessed design and black reflectors.
  • Recessed Spotlights Mellow

    Recessed Spotlights Mellow (14)

    The Mellow range is the perfect solution for accent lighting in spotlights thanks to its high durability and discreet brightness.
  • Recessed Spotlights Ritzy

    Recessed Spotlights Ritzy (2)

    The Ritzy range of spotlights offers sustainable and high-quality low glare lighting, and comes with a variety of reflector and diffuser options to seamlessly blend with any design.
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